Workplace Assessments and Team Management

Lori Karpman is a Certified Kolbe Consultant and uses the Kolbe Assessments to understand what makes each employee tick and how each individual fits into the team.

Kolbe’s unique individual and team assessments identify the unique abilities and contributions of each member of the team based on how each of them is “hardwired” from birth to behave. Unlike many other assessments your Kolbe Score does not change and is not affected by age, race, intelligence, social status or any other market. This is because Kolbe filters out common group behaviors and demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking, thus providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly, and to work together based on their own interpersonal style and behaviours. This leads to increased productivity, better communications and an overall ability to complete projects in a timely, more organized and certainly more profitable manner. 

The goal of any business is to ensure that they have the right team and that each team member is a full participant in the company’s success. Kolbe gives you a roadmap, and highly implemental information that you can use right away. Most of our clients are simply amazed at the results Kolbe and our team can produce. We transform workforces one person at a time.

“The Kolbe System™ is the only program measuring conation – how people take action. Kolbe reports follow a proven process to get immediately actionable advice on personal productivity, team performance, job alignment & hiring.  Scientists throughout history agree that there are three parts of your mind. Kolbe looks beyond intelligence and emotions to identify your innate approach to taking action. This is the conative mind, and it is Kolbe’s mission to show everyone what drives their success. Discover the key to achieving — with less stress and more joy.”

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