Buy a Franchise

Are you still working for someone else?

Are you tired of working hard but not getting the satisfaction or the money you feel you deserve? If so then franchise ownership may be in your future. 

One of the reasons Lori Karpman & Company was founded was help individuals find steady income through franchised business ownership. The job market has changed dramatically, and more and more people are enjoying the benefits of self employment by buying a franchise. Many are disenchanted with corporate jobs or are too young to retire or have been “packaged out”. Franchising provides a “recipe” for success.

If you’re ready to control your destiny, experience tax savings, a raise, and a full sense of worth and appreciation, look into franchising. Franchise ownership is a stable career path and has a 90%+ success rate. Most people can’t even predict that they can keep their jobs with 90% certainty!

We partner with you to identify what YOUR specific criteria are in order to find the right business for you.  We take you through our proprietary process to ensure that we show you only the options that are right for you. 

As a Franchise Consultant we will review your skills and match you with companies that give you the opportunity to make money, be your own boss and enjoy your success. We work all across North America helping ambitious entrepreneurial minded people achieve their goals by giving them access to great, profitable companies.

As your franchise coach we will provide expert advice and help you search for viable business opportunities in the franchise industry. Focused on identifying the right fit between franchise companies and individuals looking into business ownership as a career alternative, LKC uniquely bridges the gap between the franchisor and the franchisee candidate.

Our “Buy a Franchise” Services Include:

  • Assistance in determining if franchise ownership is a viable career alternative. Franchising is not right for everyone. 
  • A comprehensive review of your goals, finances, dreams, skill set, and more.
  • The presentation of viable and profitable franchise brands for consideration and guidance through the franchise selection process.
  • Providing assistance in obtaining financing.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Business Plans
  • Negotiation of the Franchise Agreement with the Franchisor. 
  • Serving as your trusted advisor, hand holder and personal franchise consultant, throughout the entire process. 

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When we tell you we know what you need to be successful, it's because we've been where you are right now. We are an award-winning, full-service franchise consulting firm with over 30 years of real-world experience as a franchisor, franchisee and franchise attorney.