Keynote Addresses and Guest Speaker Services

Are you looking for an experienced, well rounded and motivating speaker for your next event?  With over 30 years of legal and “real world” executive business experience, Lori Karpman has a lot to share.

No matter what your event is, business or personal, Lori will delight your audience and provide powerful inspiration and information that will propel them forward, give them new insight or awaken a new passion.  As a keynote, panel member, seminar or round table leader, Lori Karpman is the right speaker for your event.  Every speech is created from scratch and tailored to the event and the specific audience. Nothing about Lori’s work is generic.

If you are a franchisor, consider this. Lori is renowned as one of Canada’s leading experts in the field of franchising having been a franchisor herself twice (once as Cultures Restaurants), as well as the Master Franchisee of Pizza Hut for the Province of Quebec for 9 years.  Her second foray into being a franchisor was with the creation of her own multi-award winning franchised chain called Zyng Noodlery that was sold to a US restaurant development group after only 5 years in existence. As President of the Company, she amassed several extremely prestigious awards for her branding and marketing work, including Outstanding Overall Corporate Image from the Toronto Advertising Association and the Canadian Franchise Association.  Just over 15 years ago, she founded her multi-award winning firm Lori Karpman & Company and has provided a wide range of consulting and legal services to the franchise and multi-unit industries.  She is a prolific writer on a wide variety of topics and a simple Google search under “Lori Karpman” will show the multitude of publications she has produced. She is most proud however of her latest achievement, a form of Lifetime Achievement Award granted by her peers in the franchise industry for her work in franchise development and sales.  



On a personal level, Lori has done extensive non profit work in various sectors but especially the health sector after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease late in life at 38 years of age.  This disease forced her to re-evaluate her entire life and to realize the gifts she had been given, public speaking being one of them. She told her personal story at the CCFC Annual Convention on how her disease and the passing of her mother at the same time, forced her to take a hard look at her life and make extreme and drastic changes.  Never known as shy, Lori is a fighter and a survivor with a great personal story to tell as well, about overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Her personal story leaves audiences feeling inspired, motivated and with a “can-do” positive attitude towards life.

Public speaking is one of my absolute favorite parts of my career; it’s where I have the most passion. No matter what I am speaking on, I always make a difference in someone’s life.  It never fails that an audience member comes to me after and tells me how I inspired them, or was speaking directly to them.  The most rewarding part is hearing someone say, they felt better after talking to me and I hear that a lot! When I speak my goal is to serve the needs of my audience and to leave them with a thought, a process or an idea that moves them forward towards reaching their goals, be they personal or professional.   Put me on a stage in front of hundreds of people and I am the happiest!” said Lori.

Call us now at 514-481-2722 or 1-888-888-3183 or email us at to learn how Lori’s passion and dedication to bringing out the best in everyone and speaking from the heart will add real value to your events and have your audience asking for more! And FEES are very reasonable.