Direct Sales, Network or Multi-Level Marketing

Direct selling, also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing is the sale of a product or service, person-to-person or online, away from a fixed retail location, and marketed through independent sales representatives. These representatives are referred to as consultants, distributors, advisors and a number of other titles depending on the business. Direct sellers are not employees of the company, they are independent contractors who market and sell the products or services of a company in return for commissions, bonuses and other benefits on those sales. Orders are secured via one on one presentations, home parties, online sites, referrals and other forms of contact, hence the term “network” marketing. The early forms of direct selling evolved from peddlers with carts, to catalogue shopping (think Sears catalogue), to direct in home sales as Amway and Avon. Today most companies utilize the internet as a major resource to recruit agents and sell its products on a global basis. Although it may have had a bad rap ages ago because of some “scams” or “pyramid schemes”, the industry is legitimate and regulated and today the world is the direct sellers market.

Thinking of buying a direct sales business, or creating your own from a current business? LKA can help you find the right opportunity or build your own successful network marketing business. Already own one, we provide sales training and assist the industry with valuable coaching and selling tools as well as award winning sales materials and advertising campaigns. 


Benefits of direct selling and why you should consider one:

  • The capital investment in a direct sales business is usually very low.
  • Direct selling opportunities are generally low risk.
  • Direct selling offers flexible schedules. Work full or part time. You choose when and how much you want to work.
  • Direct selling is a great way to earn extra income per month for groceries or vacations OR to replace a full time income.
  • Direct selling is a great way to get into your own business even while you are currently employed.
  • Anyone can do it – there are no required levels of education, experience, financial resources or physical condition. People of all ages and from all backgrounds have succeeded in direct selling.
  • You receive complete training and ongoing support from an established company.
  • You do not have to know how to run a business, sell, or anything about the products- direct selling is made for people who don’t and is a complete system with all the resources and tools you need to build a successful business.
  • You set your own goals and your team leader helps you reach and exceed them! You are never alone in a direct sales business; there is lots of support and assistance provided to ensure that you succeed.
  • Best of all: You are your own boss!
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