Because Time is Money

Welcome to the new face of Lori Karpman & Company. It’s been over 15 years now since we began serving the business community and it’s time to change our look and feel to keep up with the times. Over the years we have grown by leaps and bounds, have come to offer new services and said good-bye to some old ones. During this time, we have won many prestigious awards for our copywriting, advertising, marketing and branding work.  We have created long term strategic plans for large corporations, small business and non-profits and we have developed single unit businesses into successful franchises, licensing arrangements, or direct sale models. In fact, our founder, Lori Karpman is one of, if not, Canada’s leading expert on franchising. Our firm was twice voted Best Franchise Consulting Firm in Canada.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many outside professionals do you need to engage to get a project done?
  2. How many people do you need to speak to, to “explain the project” and their role in it”? How many hours per week do you need to communicate with each of them to make sure they are on track? And what if there is a change in plans????
  3. How many hours per week are you interrupted and forced to actually “do” the work you delegated?
  4. Do you find that managing the professionals is like playing broken telephone?
  5.  Is the finished product a high quality realization of your vision? And it cost you WHAT!!!???????
  6. Here’s the big one- how much revenue could you have generated if you had used all those hours to generate new business or innovate new ideas? Hundred’s, hundreds’ of thousands, even millions.

LKC is your single source for all your professional needs from A-Z, we cover it all. We offer strategic planning, turnaround and general management consulting, branding, marketing, operations management, creating business models, executive recruiting, coaching and personal development through one of our excellent programs.


Plus we assist in the provision of all legal services. But more than this, our client’s have said that our best feature is being capable of tapping into LKC’s enviable network of contacts of suppliers, professional colleagues, bankers, lawyers and other resources that the client benefits from indirectly and for FREE.  Some colleagues charge over $500/hr, not many clients can get their insight for free! All the essential services a growing company requires are available under one convenient roof! We even worry for you!

Every client has their account set up by and their Initial Evaluation done by Lori Karpman as your Project Manager ensuring you get the benefit of her years of “real world” business experience. From there we come to meet you and evaluate your business and then create a Review and Recommendations Report. This high level report outlines the exact Strategy to be implemented to reach the goals of the company, (or your personal goals in the case of an individual coaching program). With no more wasting of valuable time managing a group of professionals, business owners are now free to work ON their business and not “IN” and can  use that time to create additional value for their company. We provide customized comprehensive solutions that result in a superior quality and more complete product for much less cost and with a lot more sanity and peace of mind than engaging and managing a professional team on your own.

So why choose LKC- Because Time is Money!

Call us now at 514-481-2722, or 1-888-888-3183 or email us at to request your FREE 30 minute laser consulting session with Lori Karpman to learn more about how LKC services can grow your business. Mention “Homepage” and get a SPECIAL OFFER on your services.

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