Personal and Professional Coaching

Do any of these apply to you, personally or professionally?

  • You care about personal growth and self improvement and see it as a way to reach your goals and passions.
  • You want to feel better about one or more areas of your life, business, relationship or career.
  • You have a particular challenge, issue, decision, choice or change to make that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own, or need some help attaining.
  • You feel like you’re not reaching your full potential, you feel “stuck”, stifled or just drifting. 
  • You know you will benefit from more certainty & self confidence in your personal and professional life.
  • You want more meaning in your life and your career so you can feel more fulfilled and have a sense of purpose.
  • You need assistance in both the personal and professional areas of your life.
  • You’ve heard that getting a coach might help you achieve your goals.
  • You would appreciate the dedicated support of someone who feels their life purpose is to help you create the life you always dreamed of.

If you said YES to even one of them then it’s time to explore our unique Coaching Programs: (1) for Entrepreneurs, (2) for Personal Development, (3) for Women or (4) The Law of Attraction. Each of these Programs is unique and focuses on different topics but each of them is a powerhouse program on its own.  Whether individual or in a group setting, these Programs are tailored to the Client’s needs be it an individual or a company and each of its employees if in a Group Coaching Program.

These confidential sessions are instrumental at assisting you in finding your passions, setting goals, changing careers or just having accountability to someone to follow you along your journey to reaching your goals by completing projects.   We cater to all levels of management, from a first-time manager to the seasoned CEO. Using a unique and high quality assessment we are able to gain amazing insight into the way each person is “hardwired” at birth to naturally act, think and behave. Armed with that knowledge we teach clients how to create a life that is in sync with who they are naturally and to create a passion based life. All services are provided in a safe and confidential environment.


Group Coaching

Our coaches use unique individual and team assessments to identify the unique abilities and contributions of each member of the team based on how each of them is “hardwired”. We filter out common group behaviors and demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking, thus providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly, and to work together based on their own interpersonal style and behaviours. This leads to increased productivity, better communications and an overall ability to complete projects in a timely and organized manner.

Group Coaching is best suited for:

  • Any team or group that might use a confidential, empowering, professional coaching relationship to enhance effectiveness and desired outcomes.
  • Those teams that welcome the additional structure, support and accountability provided by a coach.
  • Those in an organization that recognizes the value of professional coaching for the success of the entire team.
  • Those who want to be a better team leader by understanding their team dynamics.


Do you ever feel like you can use a little assistance with your sales results or pitch? Do you wonder why you can’t close as many deals as you would like? Do you need specialized operations training for your business? Then try one of our unique training programs and watch your top line soar!

We offer a complete variety of training programs, individual or group, to move yourself or your company up to the next level of success. Whether it is group sales training with a certified sales coach to increase your top line revenues, how to recruit in a direct sales business, or operations training for new franchisees and representatives, we provide customized training packages and events based on the needs of our clients. All of our training modules are custom made to fit the needs of each client, no cookie cutter here.  Given in a variety of formats (in person, online) and time frames (hours, days or continually), you can be assured that our training is unique to us and 360 degrees from anything you have ever experienced. Take our sales training and never ‘sell’ again!

Call us at 514-481-2722 or 1-888-888-3183 or email us at for a FREE consultation  to learn more about our unique Coaching and Training Programs and what it can do for you or your business. We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation so why not call and see what our programs can do for you!